Half Time Loyalty Rewards Program

Life is wonderful when there’s beer and cider on hand. And, it’s is even better with the Half Time Loyalty Rewards Program.
Starting in the first quarter of 2019, guests that use their registered Half Time Loyalty Rewards Card at Half Time stores or online at halftimebeverage.com, will earn “Half Time” rewards points toward Half Time merchandise.  For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn one point toward some very cool merchandise. There’s no cap to how many Half Time points you can earn each month, and you get to use your points toward a great assortment of items at Half Time.

Here are a few FAQ’s about the Half Time Loyalty Rewards Program:

How Do I Sign Up for Half Time Rewards?
Signing up is quick and easy – simply stop by any Half Time store and we’ll register you for the Half Time Rewards Program.

Is there a cost to enroll in half time rewards?
No, enrolling in Half Time Loyalty Rewards is free!

How do I earn Half Time points?
Guests will earn one Half Time point for every $1.00 spent using their registered Half Time Loyalty Rewards Card.

Will my half time rewards points ever expire?
Yes, your Half Time Loyalty Rewards will expire every four months. We’d hate to see you miss out on your Half Time Loyalty Rewards, so please use your points at least four times a year to earn great Half Time rewards.

How do I redeem my loyalty rewards points for merchandise?
Redeeming Loyalty Rewards Points is easy. Simply stop by any Half Time store with your Rewards Card and a photo ID and check out the available Half Time merchandise you wish to redeem your points for. Online Guests can choose from the list of available Loyalty Rewards Merchandise and will be shipped inside their next order.

How do I see how many Loyalty Rewards points I have earned?
Once you have signed up for a Half Time Loyalty Rewards Card you can keep track of your account at www.halftimebeverage.com. Signing up is FREE and only takes a minute or two. If you already have an account at www.halftimebeverage.com, please let us know so we can link your Half Time Loyalty Rewards Card to your personal account.

Where can I see the list of merchandise available for redemption?
The list of merchandise available for redemption of your Loyalty Rewards Points can be seen both online or at any Half Time store.