About Half Time

Buy beer online and have it delivered to your door.
We eat, sleep and drink craft beer and cider and feature over 4,000 craft beer and cider selections from over 800 breweries located in over 50 countries. We are fortunate to have two Half Time Beverage stores in the heart of the Hudson Valley beer phenomenon and surrounded by so many outstanding craft breweries and cideries. So, if you're looking for the latest hazy IPA, a sour beer, a chocolaty Porter or Stout, a blueberry flavored beer, non alcoholic or Gluten Free, we'll hook you up. And, if your a cider enthusiast, we stock an amazing selection of ciders from our local Hudson Valley area and around the globe.

We've even won a few awards for our jaw dropping selection. Ratebeer.com ranked us the Best Bottle Shop in New York, and one of the Top 3 Beer Shops in the World. Not too shabby. Oh, and by the way, we only sell craft beer and cider. We do not carry wine or spirits due to the unique liquor laws in New York. But that's a good thing because our focus is on craft beer and cider.

Half Time Beverage is one of the few stores where you can grab one beer or cider at a time and make your own six pack.

Here's a little history... We opened our first Half Time Beverage store in Poughkeepsie, New York (Hudson Valley area) back in 2002 and then a second store in Mamaroneck, New York in 2013 (Just 35 minutes from New York City). Customers come from the surrounding six states not only because of the selection of craft beers and cider, but our exceptional staff. Each staff member participates in our extensive training program as well as private brewery tastings and industry seminars. Most of our team members travel to the brick and mortar breweries to meet the Brewmasters and learn first-hand about their stories, processes and singular products.

Craft beer lovers always ask "Where's a craft beer store near me?" Well, for those of you who don’t have Half Time Beverage around the corner, buy beer online at https://halftimebeverage.com and have it delivered to your door. Thousands of IPA's, lagers, porters, stouts, hefeweizens, pilsners, sours, cider, and more! 

Come say hello or drop us a line and let us know more about what you want to sip on next.