IPA Hop Head Beer Club

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IPA Hop Head Beer Club-2021

        Each shipment includes

        • Twelve 12oz craft beers
        • Six different breweries -- two of each
        • Brewery profiles and tasting notes of each beer

        The India Pale Ale is perhaps the most exclusive style of beer in the world; appealing to only a certain percentage of the beer loving population. For those of us who have fallen victim to the IPA's allure, there is endless pleasure in sampling the versatile flavors of the hop. From Cascade to Fuggles, Goldings to Centennial, the ever growing hop profiles of IPA's from around the globe continue to captivate and amaze even the most experienced of hop heads. As the English, Belgian, Asian and American styles of IPAs continue to expand alongside the cultivation of new and improved hop strains, this beer style promises to increase in complexity, diversity and popularity for years to come.

        Allow the Hop Head Beer of the Month Club to select for you the twelve best up and coming creations as well as the style's classics in order to convince you to either join the dark side, or to stay there.

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