East Coast Beer Club

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East Coast Beer Club

        Each shipment includes

        • Twelve 12oz craft beers
        • Six different breweries -- two of each

        *Subscription begins the following month after order is placed. For example, the first installment for a subscription purchased on December 1 or December 31 will ship mid-January.*

        In the early 1600's, the Eastern United States began exporting its unique craft beer to England. In less than two years these innovative creations had the English actively seeking out American brewers to add their twist to Britain's local lineup. Since then, the Eastern seaboard has made itself home to perhaps the broadest spectrum of breweries; some mastering the classics while others invent to suit the ever expanding local palates.

        The East Coast Beer of the Month Club features twelve different monthly selections, including brews from regional favorites as well as the latest local flare and are sure to satisfy your thirst for diversity as they represent the east coast's elite.

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