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        Extreme Beer Box is the evolution of 18 years of BeerAdvocate's Extreme Beer Fest (in-person) and Extreme Beer Fest in Cyberspace (virtual). Simply put, it's a highly-curated box of fun and creative beers from breweries who push the boundaries of brewing and raise a fist at the norm, delivered to your door by Half Time, and enjoyed at your leisure!

        What's in the box?

        Each Extreme Beer Box purchase will include the following:

        • Twelve extreme beers, from twelve brewers, curated by Todd Alström, Founder of BeerAdvocate and creator of Extreme Beer Fest.
        • A one-year Respect Beer Society membership. Access to a private tasting forum with exclusive content.
        • Access to Discord hangouts with participating brewers.

        Participating Brewers:

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