BeerAdvocate Lager Fest in Cyberspace

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        Event date: August 20-21
        Sales close: 7/22/21, or upon sell out (whichever is first)

        Dreams do come true. Lager Fest in Cyberspace, BeerAdvocate's third virtual beer fest, will be hosted on August 20 & 21, 2021. In partnership with Half Time Beverage, attendees will receive a box of twelve lagers, ranging in style, from twelve American brewers, plus access to our beer fest forum and two live tastings guided by BeerAdvocate's Todd Alström, BeerThugLife's Edgar Preciado, and participating guest brewers. For more information, visit:

        Each package includes:

        • A hand-curated box of lagers from twelve (12) breweries shipped to your door from Half Time (perfect for couples or for sharing with your pod)
        • Two BeerAdvocate-branded Govino tasting cups (our standard fest cup to make you feel nostalgic for our in-person fests)
        • Shipping and handling
        • Access to view the live hangout sessions
        • Access to the private discussion forum
        • Discounts on exclusive fest merch while supplies last
        • Invites to the pre- and post-Zoom parties with Todd and Edgar (first come, first served)

        Participating Breweries:

        BeerThugLife + Indie Brewing Co. - Para Mi Gente with Organic Blue Maize Mexican Lager; 5.2%; 16oz can

        Dovetail Brewery - Dovetail Helles; Helles; 4.4%; 16oz can

        Enegren Brewing Co. - Nighthawk; Schwarzbier; 4.8%; 12oz can

        Halfway Crooks - Radix; German-Style Pilsner; 4.8%; 16oz can

        Jack's Abby Brewing - Destination: Australia; Lager with Lime; 5.7%; 16oz can

        Live Oak Brewing Co. - Pre-War Pils; Early American Pilsner; 5%; 12oz can

        Russian River Brewing Co. - STS Pils; Keller Pilsner; 5.35%; 16oz can

        Schilling Beer Co. - Landbier Dunkel; Dunkel; 4.7%; 16oz can

        Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. - Stammtisch; German Pilsner; 5.4%; 500mL bottle

        Von Trapp Brewing - Dunkel; Dunkel; 5.7%; 12oz can

        Wibby Brewing - Volksbier Vienna; Vienna Lager; 5.5%; 12oz can

        Wolf's Ridge Brewing - Buchenrauch; Rauchbier; 5.7%; 12oz can

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