"Award Winning Beers" Gift Pack (w/ Cooler Bag)

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        Likely the most exciting brewing country in the world, the USA boasts both breweries ranking among the best across the globe as well as independent craft brewing brilliance. Each of these great American breweries have adopted the favorite styles of other dominant countries, mastered the American favorites, and put their own unique twist on beer; fusing styles and flavors that previously couldn't be imagined. Reflective of our country's past, these bold and adventurous brews harbor unexplainable brilliance, and our twelve favorite selections may only scratch the tip of the iceberg that is great American brewing. Give the gift of excellence from close to home with the Award Winning American Beer Gift Basket.

        Contents include 12 unique beers, pre-packaged in our soft-pack cooler bag specially designed to keep your beer cold for hours on end.

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